Tunaweza Portraits Updates

Our crowdfunding campaign on Chuffed ended last week and through the efforts of our supporters we raised $5,443! Along with that we have received more donations through our website, Facebook, and checks, bringing the total donations from individual supporters to $13,133!

We’re very moved by the show of support and we are one big step closer to launching the project! However, we do want to let you know that while we did manage to add a lot more pennies to the Tunaweza piggy bank, since we haven’t managed to meet our fundraising goal for the project, we are going to have to delay the project until the beginning of next year to give us a few more months to raise the rest of the money.

As a result, instead of starting the project in September, we’ll be holding off until January to begin. It’s a small delay, but it will be worth the wait. We are looking forward to working with the girls and their community leaders to create murals and public posters to show the strength and capacity of women and girls. Through public art they will challenge gender stereotypes and address some of the root causes of sexual violence in their community.

We are still accepting donations through Facebook and our website at www.colorsofconnection.org so please continue to spread the word! Tunaweza! We are able!

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