Awakening the voice
of change
in conflict-affected
youth and their
through art

Colors of Connection is pioneering engagement in art as a vehicle for healing and building relationships in conflict-affected communities.

Yes, We Are Able!
Ndio, Tunaweza!


Art has the power to challenge the negative gender stereotypes that contribute to sexual violence.

Watch this inspiring short documentary showing how adolescent girls made a positive impact during our recent mural project, Tunaweza Portraits, in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Empowering girls and their communities through art

Adolescent girls are effecting positive change for themselves and their community in pursuit of equality in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo.

One Opportunity Can Make All The Difference

In the aftermath of war, peoples’ emotional and social needs are often neglected. Young people suffer the most in these environments from a lack of opportunities for education and engagement.

Together we can change that.

Louange challenged gender stereotypes

Serge found a community

Hatti gained the confidence to shine

The youth we work with are empowered to make positive change for themselves and others through art.

“This project gives us hope because we say that everything that the children have drawn is like a dream that can become a reality tomorrow.”

– Woman Leader, Mentao Refugee Camp


Just one opportunity can make the difference, and you have the power to give it.

Why Art? Learn about arts unique power to heal people’s hearts and transform their minds.

Help us awaken capabilities by joining the Artivist Circle, our monthly giving community.

Give $25 and you can pay for food to fuel a teen artivist’s creative energy during a project.

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Staying connected during COVID-19

Despite the need to put certain program activities on hold, we are planning for better days ahead when it will be safe to resume.  We know that marginalized girls, who are already vulnerable, will be especially impacted by the crisis, and are committed to continuing to do everything we can to support them. 

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The M’Shujaarts Movement continues!

 It’s great to see some of the skill sets learned during CC programs transferring into viable income-earning opportunities. 

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John & Jody Mallie, Monthly donors

“Colors of Connection’s novel approach has shown long-lasting results. We believe what they are doing fits well into the wider narrative that we feel is so important in this world, and that is the empowerment of women.”

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