Sparking transformation through art with youth and communities affected by war

Communities thrive when the hearts
and minds of individuals are nurtured

Emergency Donation

Please give a one time donation to the Volcano Crisis Fund.

A collective vision for a better future

War has vast reverberating effects, from individual traumas to societal breakdown. We work with communities hurt by the violence of war, honoring their lived experiences to realize their collective vision of a better future.

Walls that speak

The public murals created during our projects are a platform for the youth and local leaders to express their ideas and hopes for themselves and the larger community.

Resilience, courage, and creativity

We put girls at the center of our work, recognizing their essential role as anchors and changemakers in their communities. Our programs awaken capabilities in the youth, equipping them with internal resources to help them better handle adversity and advocate for themselves as they go through life.

Girl Awakening

In our Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo program, adolescent girls are effecting positive change for themselves and their community in pursuit of equality and freedom from violence.

Our Impact

9 Projects 
completed in refugee camps and post-war areas in Sub-Saharan Africa 

340 Young People
directly impacted and found confidence and community

215,000 Residents
reached through our public mural-making process

Sponsors and Partners

All of us have capabilities ready to be realized.