Graduation ceremony of 35 proud young women from the Courage in Congo Project! 

The ceremony included a photo exhibition, 3 short documentary videos and of course certificates of completion for each of the girls.  Community members, families of the participants, a committee of leaders who guided the project, representatives of the DRC government, and our partners IRC and CAMME,   witnessed the ceremony and gave words of encouragement and appreciation.   

When each girl came forward to receive her certificate, her next steps and aspirations for her future which were read aloud during the ceremony, and she was encouraged to accept the certificate as a commitment to following these next steps in her life.   The project has lead to various resources and opportunities that have been transformational for each girl and that will continue after the project, including arts classes, psychosocial support, and going back to school.  So, in a sense the graduation ceremony celebrated each girl’s continued journey out of isolation, towards more support, opportunities and resources to help her thrive in life. 

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