visualizing positive relationships

Nadia’s Notes from the Field

In our first psychosocial activity with the girls, we asked them to think about – and visualize – the different types of relationships that they have in their lives (familial, friendships, professional, etc.), and the qualities that they value in these relationships.

We asked them to draw a series of four concentric circles, representing themselves in the middle. In each layer, they drew different individuals to represent different relationships; those closer to their own image (closer to the center) represented closer relationships; those further away from their own image (in the outer layers) represented more distant relationships.

In the presentations and group discussion that followed, the girls described and talked about a variety of types of relationships in their lives, including those with: brothers, fathers, husbands, mothers, sisters, and friends. Some told more personal stories about these relationships, while others were a bit less willing to open up.

With this activity and others that will follow, we hope to encourage the girls to gain more confidence in identifying the positive relationships in their lives and the qualities that they value and want to uphold in these relationships. We also hope to create an environment in the classroom where the girls can build positive, meaningful, and long-term relationships with each other.

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