Laurie and Christina made it back to Harper Liberia to screen the documentary Beyond The Walls  which covers our very first pilot project, Visions of Hope alongside mural projects from around the world. Seeing former students who have grown, and community and collaborators again was a special experience. It’s rare that communities get to see the fruits of documentation by filmmakers and photographers.  Often their stories make it to big cities, or onto the internet, but are not always brought back to where they originated from.  Thank you Gayle Embrey, the director and executive producer for supporting this initiative, even in as remote a place as Harper! The community loved seeing themselves on the big screen and the film captures the spirit of this small city and the project.  Beyond the Walls is not yet released but currently showing at film festivals internationally.  To see a short vignette of the Visions of Hope Harper project go to: or visit the Beyond the Walls website learn more about the film. 

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