Introducing Hatti: 

“My name is Hatti.  I am 12 years old.  I was born in Gossi, in the region of Timbuktu in Mali.  I currently live with my uncle (the younger brother of my father) in Mentao refugee camp.  I attend the Koranic school and the Colors of Connection project.   I like to help my family clean the house. I also like drawing and painting.  In the future I want to become a teacher and teach children.”

Christina’s observations: Hatti is one of the youngest participants in the group.  She’s small and quiet, but she absorbs a lot of information and is really progressing through the activities.  She’s usually the first one to class, even coming an hour early.  I wasn’t sure if she would stick with the class, girls often don’t, especially shy ones, but she is definitely dedicated, and is getting a little less shy, even calling out to me now to come and check to see if she’s done an exercise right.

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