Documentary Team Travels to Harper to Film Visions of Hope Murals

Director Gayle Embrey is travelling the world to document murals and as she describes, “ … to explore the histories, the life experiences, and the hopes and dreams communicated through murals on the walls of neighborhood communities throughout the world.” She reached out to find a mural project in Liberia and found our work. In her documentary, Murals as Voice, Harper, Liberia will have the opportunity to share the screen with other communities making murals including El Salvador, Northern Ireland, Slovenia, Israel and Palestine.

Embrey explains that they chose Harper Liberia as one of their film locations  “because of the courage and strength of the people of Liberia to continue the difficult process of rebuilding their country after the destruction and devastation of many years of civil war.”

When the documentary team travels to Harper in May, their documentation will include the making of a community mural at W.V.S. Tubman University being directed by Christina Mallie.  

We look forward to welcoming Embrey and her filmmaking team to Harper and grateful that the community members and youth who created the murals will have the opportunity to share their experiences and accomplishments with a larger audience.

Stay tuned for updates on her work in Harper end of May!


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