Why We Engage Through Art

“Art has the power to render sorrow beautiful, make loneliness a shared experience, and transform despair into hope.”

– Brené Brown

Colors of Connection engages through art because it is a distinctly dynamic intervention tool for youth and conflict-affected communities that has a powerful therapeutic and developmental impact.

Since the beginning of human existence art has been used as a form of personal and collective expression. It is a primal skill enabling us to express ourselves and connect to others in ways that surpass cultural, linguistic, and even psychological barriers. That is why the United Nations declared access to and enjoyment of the arts as a human right in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

A growing body of research confirms that art has the power to effectuate:


  • Art builds social capital
  • Art promotes positive behavior that can increase positive social interactions
  • Art facilitates positive interaction with others

Expression and communication

  • Art provides age-appropriate mediums for emotional expression
  • Art creates opportunities for communication on a larger scale
  • Art facilitates understanding of new perspectives
  • Art allows for knowledge-sharing with diverse audiences
  • Art elicits solidarity

Personal and community agency

  • Art helps people develop a sense of self and their belief in their ability to direct their life
  • Art inspires community action
  • Art promotes civic engagement

Holistic Healing

  • Art has positive effects on health
  • Art can heal trauma

Self and social analysis

  • Community art creates the opportunity for people to examine the social, economic and political structures of their society and their own roles within society in a reflective and critical way.

Learn more about the academic research on the power of art.

Investing in the psychosocial well-being of those who have experienced conflict is a crucial component of restoring societies, yet it is often overlooked. Colors of Connection is utilizing art as an incredibly powerful and effective medium for healing and community building.