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Youth Collaborating for Peace through Art

Date TBD

Jos, Nigeria

36 youth

Preventing substance abuse and the culture of violence

In partnership with the Jos Stakeholder Center for Peace, Colors of Connection will work with youth and community stakeholders in Jos, Nigeria, to address the issues of the culture of violence and substance abuse that detrimentally affect their community.  Jos is located in the middle belt of Nigeria, a meeting point between the Christian south and the Muslim north.

Colors of Connection will engage youth in Jos in a creative and collaborative mural-making process, transforming physical landscapes into visual expressions of their proposed solutions to these issues. We look forward to working with the youth and community leaders to create  stories within the murals that will help the community address these concerns, and to celebrate and elevate the cultural expression of young citizens, allowing them greater representation in community leadership. As recognized by the United Nations Security Council Resolution  2250 on Youth, Peace and Security, youth are indispensable partners in building international peace and security, and it is imperative that they are able to have full and equal participation in all levels of decision-making in their communities and governments. 

About our partner: The Jos Stakeholder Center for Peace (JCSP) is a local peacebuilding non-governmental organization.  Initiated by Search for Common Ground in 2017, JCSP works to address and prevent violence through diverse community stakeholder engagement. The JSCP is part of the field-testing of a new approach to peacebuilding that utilizes collective impact.  

The implementation schedule for this project depends on when funding is secured. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Project Director Christina Mallie at christina@colorsofconnection.org

Here are three ways you can help

Give $25 and you can pay for food to fuel a teen artivist’s creative energy during a project.