Help girls thrive by giving to our scholarship fund

Together with you and other supporters, we are supporting 62 girls in our program to attend the 2022/2023 school year.

Why Scholarship Support? 

By age 10, 30% of girls in Goma are already out of school. School scholarship is part of our Girl Awakening Program because education is a life changing opportunity.

With every year of school, a girl’s income earning capacity increases by 5-15%, affording her more opportunities and a better life.

And school isn’t just about getting an education. 
Girls who are in school are at lower risk for sexual and gender based violence and child marriage.
They experience less isolation and more access to resources, which improve their mental and physical health outcomes.

Scholarship funds are supporting: (1) Tuition fees: registration, exam fees, and (2) School supplies: including uniforms, backpacks, notebooks. The total cost per girl average is: $121 per student.

Giving a girl an education ensures a better future for her, her family and future generations.

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Colors of Connection
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