Visions of Hope

“For me, it was like people getting to know I had the gift of drawing. It’s like exposing to the world that I really have the gift. I was happy that the world knew.”

-Diana, age 17, Harper Project Participant

April 2011 – August 2011

Harper, Liberia

35 youth participants

Transformed a war-torn town

Visions of Hope: Revitalizing a Liberian Community Through Art took place in one of the most desolate and isolated regions of Liberia.
This project fostered community activism, cultural revitalization, and youth participation in the arts to transform a war-torn town. We started this project based on the idea of how difficult it is to live in a place that constantly serves as a reminder of the traumas of war.

In Harper, a small town in the epicenter of the conflict, every third or fourth building is a burnt-out structure that looks exactly as it did when Liberia’s fourteen-year civil war finally ended in 2003.

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“What I believe is that through the paintings you can impart knowledge on people. There are people who are illiterate, who don’t know how to read and write, especially in Liberia here, and through seeing the paintings they will get to know that the paintings are imparting a certain knowledge in them, and they will understand that.”

-Kadiatou Bah, age 17, Harper Project Participant

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