Courage in Congo

“We wrote ‘mwanamke shujaa’ meaning ‘women leaders’ on our mural painting. There are girls that discredit themselves, thinking that they can’t paint or draw. But if they pass by this painting, even though they may neglect their own talents now they can start to think differently and they can think that if they wanted, they could do this too.”

-Courage in Congo Project Participant, Post-Project Evaluation

November 2015 – April 2016

Goma, DR Congo

35 teen girl participants

Shifted gender perceptions

Courage in Congo shifted perceptions of how women and girls are seen in society through a public arts project with out-of-school adolescent girls in Goma, in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through the psychosocial art-based program, 35 adolescent girls, aged 15-19, engaged in therapeutic arts activities, art activities that built artistic skills, and activities that built social, cognitive, and human and health assets.

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“Goma is a population that is still traumatized with everything that has happened with war over and over again, rape, violence, the way that people have been killed – I think that the population is traumatized. But, art – it can heal. It gives joy, actually. When you see a drawing or a positive image, we become happy. I think this can be a way to de-traumatize.”

-Community Arts Council member, Post-Project Evaluation

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