Our Mission
We work creatively with youth in conflict affected communities to inspire hope, support well-being, overcome trauma, and encourage self-determination.

Founding Story

My life’s work is supporting girls’ artistic expression by encouraging them to express who they are and who they dream of becoming. Like many others, I came to social justice work with my own personal challenges. When I was an adolescent a traumatic, deeply terrifying and disorienting event fundamentally changed me . I was lucky. I was raised in a highly creative environment and able to turn to painting because I didn’t feel safe confiding in anyone around me, and didn’t have the words to identify, let alone express what I felt even to myself.

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We envision a peaceful world in which everyone’s capabilities are awakened through creative engagement and put into action to benefit themselves, their communities, and others.

Our Core Values

COMMUNITY: Community is a resource in and of itself. We support resilient conflict-affected communities in their rebuilding because we know individuals are only as resilient as their communities are.

COLLABORATION: We harness the power of creative collaboration as a positive tool for collective action for recovery at both the personal and community level.

CREATIVITY: We catalyze the creativity of young people through art, to guide and build personal growth and transform their circumstances.

JOY: Joy can be a gamechanger when trying to overcome trauma. It supports mental health and builds resilience. We cultivate joyful exploration and expression of the imagination through both personal and public art.

DIGNITY: Young people, especially survivors of war, conflict, rape, and violence, who are emerging from trauma deserve full and kind consideration. We engage with dignity and respect to ensure that human dignity in our services always remains fully intact

OPTIMISM: Our vision is to help young people shape their future despite the adversity of their current circumstances. To do so, we invest in helping them articulate their aspirations, and visions as a driver for creating their future and that of their communities.

BELONGING: Belonging translates into inclusion and generates confidence. We emphasize connection to others and the feeling of belonging to discover something larger through shared values, responsibilities, and interests.


To mark World Mental Health Day, Culture Trip celebrates the work of five visual artists from Africa whose work creates awareness surrounding mental health issues on the continent.

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Creating a Community Mural: a powerful toolkit about mural making that can be used to transform public spaces, communities, and youth.

Reports and Financials

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