Our Mission
To engage youth from conflict-affected countries and their communities through collaborative art-making to promote hope, well-being, and self-determination in the pursuit of social justice.

Founders’ Story

Colors of Connection was founded by two friends, Laurie Reyman and Christina Mallie, who share a passion for humanitarian work and love for the African continent. Two things spurred its’ founders to create the organization. The first was the belief that art has an incredible power to impact people’s lives for better: to transform, change and heal. The second was the conviction that there is a real and unmet need for psychosocial support for individuals and communities who face the stark and immensely challenging reality of rebuilding after war.

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We envision a peaceful world in which everyone’s capabilities are awakened through creative engagement and put into action to benefit themselves, their communities, and others.

Our Core Values

EXCELLENCE: We maintain the highest standards of quality, integrity and ethical practice.
ACCOUNTABILITY: We accept responsibility for our actions and emphasize transparency.
COLLABORATION: We consistently solicit participation from both internal and external stakeholders.
DIVERSITY: We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual, community and culture.
OPENNESS: We promote open minds and hearts that seek to understand the world’s complexity and to overcome prejudice.
CREATIVITY: We cultivate innovation, imagination and the exploration and expression of personal gifts.
PLAYFULNESS: We encourage a joyful experience of life.
BEAUTY: We appreciate beauty in all its forms for the inspiration it brings to our lives.
WHOLENESS: We cherish the inherent worth of every individual as sufficient within him/herself.
SOLIDARITY: We emphasize connection to others and the feeling of belonging to something larger through shared values, responsibilities and interests.


To mark World Mental Health Day, Culture Trip celebrates the work of five visual artists from Africa whose work creates awareness surrounding mental health issues on the continent.

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Creating a Community Mural: a powerful toolkit about mural making that can be used to transform public spaces, communities, and youth.

Reports and Financials

Learn more about us through our annual and project reports, and IRS tax filings. You can also find our brochures here.

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