Tunaweza Portraits

“I feel good in my skin when I am doing art.”

– Tunaweza Portraits Project Participant

January – April 2019

Goma, DR Congo

26 young women

Challenged gender stereotypes

Tunaweza Portraits engaged with 26 young women and a council of 27 community leaders in Goma, Eastern Congo to challenge gender stereotypes and address a root cause of sexual violence in their community. In Kiswahili, “tunaweza” means “we are able/capable” and, as such, the project is inspired by the knowledge and capacity that communities and youth have the ability to make change for themselves.  

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“These murals and messages, they help make sure that girls are listened to
when they don’t have sufficient voice within society. They make people think twice
about what they think they know about girls and what they are capable of doing.”

– Community Stakeholder, Goma, DR Congo

Made Possible With Support From

Riverside Sharing Fund

Colors of Connection Projects