Thank you for your generous donation
to our Back to School Scholarship Fundraiser!

By investing in a girl’s education, you are…

  • Providing her with social support
  • Providing her with access to resources
  • Protecting her from gender discrimination
  • Protecting her from sexual and gender-based violence
  • Increasing her earning capacity
  • Protecting her health
  • Improving her maternal and child health outcomes

I used to think that I would never succeed. My life wasn’t very fulfilling. Now that I go to school, I see things differently. My family sees things differently too. They think I will be important for others one day. When I graduate from school, I plan to have a small clothing business that I will be able to manage on my own with confidence.

– Micheline, Age 17, Secondary School Grade 1

To learn more about how the Shujaa program supports girls and their communities to advocate for equality and freedom from violence, visit our Shujaa program page.