Students designing the market mural
The fourth and final wall for a mural was selected.  It’s a wall next to the main road leading into
Class meeting at Cape Palmas High School
Harper Demonstration Elementary School.  One of the 8 schools we are working with.
The Cinema Building,  at the intersection of two streets in downtown Harper City, this area is called “the 18" where most of
Entrance to Main Market building, Harper City - where the Marketing mural will be painted.  The mural will envision a
We held our first meeting with the Visions of Hope Community Arts Council composed of leaders in the Harper Community.
I am coming up on the second week in Harper.  The first week has been filled with meetings.  We managed
Intro week at Cape Palmas High School.  A student speaks about why he likes this Gaugin painting.  I brought laminated
The importance of art for life is something that I have spent more time contemplating, and discussing with people in
Laurie Reyman, Project Director of Visions of Hope speaking with a Patrick Gono, a student at the ChildArt Liberia art
Loading the land cruiser
Visions of Hope 
Harper,  Liberia captured by photographer Glenna Gordon
Community murals around the world Inspiring us to take this project to Harper Liberia
It’s very common for people in the visual arts to feel that we’re not contributing enough, or worse that all
Harper, Liberia