Christina’s Notes from the Field:Almoubarak’s Drawings: A wonderful surprise gift of the project in Goudoubo came from one of our
On #WorldRefugeeDay help support families torn apart by war & share their stories
As we approach the close of the program in #Goudoubo #Refugee Camp, participants are having their portraits taken in front
Notes from the field by Laurie ReymanThis last week we did a body mapping exercise with the kids. After figuring
Notes from the field: By Laurie Reyman Amot Ag Mohamed is an extremely talented artisan living in Goudoubo Refugee Camp
Painting the camel races on the peaceful cohabitation mural.   When some spectators saw the camels taking shape they got
Christina’s notes from the field: These are determined kids! Aminatou was bitten by a scorpion on her hand and Mohamed had
If you ask any of the children, youth or adults to draw something in Goudoubo, chances are they will draw
Christina’s notes from the field: The drawing is by Boubacar, who herds animals and has his unique and mysterious way
Christina’s notes from the field:  In late April I was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia attending a workshop for artists as
Notes from the field - By Laurie One would think that something as simple as a smile or a frown
More photos from last week in Goudoubo.
Last week in Goudoubo… by artists and peace builders from the workshop Christina Mallie attended, it is a powerful message of overcoming challenges
We’re experiencing something new in this project with our population of participants – lots of girls! We try to have
In this exercise from Cathy Malchiodi a renowned art therapist, we used photo collage to help participants jump into the process of
Christina’s notes from the field: We have a diverse group of youth attending our classes.  While the Touareg ethnic group
Christina’s notes from the field: After selecting the participants, we left it up to them to come to the Save the
Getting personal with art: decorating their bags they’ll use for their materials during the course and telling a story about
Recruitment in process for youth participants and assistant positions!
Laurie’s notes from the field: We’ve completed our first two weeks at Goudoubo Refugee Camp and things are on track!
Leaders of Goudoubo Refugee Camp meeting with Laurie and Christina to discuss their role in the project Energizing a Refugee
Group photos as we celebrated the end of the project!
Competed murals in Mentao Refugee Camp! The Peace through Human Rights Mural and the Importance of Education Mural
Mentao Refugee Camp Project is Complete!In our closing ceremony one of the prominent community leaders, Mufta Ag Mohamed (pictured in