Introducing the Colors of Connection Artivist Circle!We are incredibly excited to launch a new group for Colors of Connection supporters
It’s brilliant when expertise from the corporate sector and hearts and minds from the non-profit world get together.  Technologists from
We’re so excited that our Courage in Congo project is featured in an article by Culture Trip to mark World
“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible” - Audrey HepburnWe had an incredible summer at our workspace the
Courage in Congo: A psychosocial arts based program for girls at risk or survivors of sexual and gender-based violenceTo celebrate
Our crowdfunding campaign on Chuffed ended last week and through the efforts of our supporters we raised $5,443! Along with
Update on our crowdfunding campaign for Tunaweza Portraits Project from co-founder Laurie Reyman
We are hiring for our upcoming project in Goma, DRC.  Please see our posting on idealist for more details 🙂
Prepping for our upcoming project in DRC is reminding us how much we look forward to working with these adolescent
Colors of Connection is getting ready for our next project with adolescent girls in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo!We are
Christina’s NotesNow that I go to school, I see things differently. My family sees things differently too; they think I
Christina’s NotesMerriam-Webster defines the butterfly effect as: “A property of chaotic systems (such as the atmosphere) by which small changes
You may ask. We have been a bit quiet, it’s true. Things have been moving a tad slowly over the
Graduation ceremony of 35 proud young women from the Courage in Congo Project! The ceremony included a photo exhibition, 3 short
Graduation for the 35 girl participants of Courage in Congo kicked off with a mural tour.  Community members, parents, family
The two murals at their finishing touches and signature stages <3 
When we used primary colors to mix and create secondary colors the young women participants were so exited. Aline, second
One project activity that helps to build interpersonal relationships while also helping to regulate stress and emotions is this collaborative
Young women participants Alice and Winnie having more fun with the primer 🙂 #Goma #PaintLikeAGirl
The first step of painting the mural is putting a coat of primer on the wall.  When the girl participants
First day out of the classroom to paint murals, excitement palpable. Our small radio and big noisy group solicited attention
Nadia’s Notes from the FieldIn Goma, unfortunately much of the imagery of women and girls in Goma is dominated by
The participants are learning how to draw the human face!  Each portait has it’s own character. Pamela Tulizo Kamale/Colors of Connection