Revitalizing Little Wlebo Refugee Community Through Art

“Thanks to Colors of Connection, now we are loved by the community.”

-Teka, age 16, Little Wlebo Project Participant

July 2012 – September 2012

Little Wlebo Refugee Camp, Liberia

30 youth participants

Built community and solidarity

Revitalizing a Refugee Community Through Art took place at Little Wlebo Refugee Camp in southeastern Liberia, a camp established in 2011 to assist thousands of refugees fleeing from civil unrest in Cote d’Ivoire. At the time of the project, the camp hosted approximately 8,500 refugees.

This project worked with marginalized youth in the camp to create a sense of place, culture, and self-representation for refugees of Little Wlebo.

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“Through the work of Colors of Connection the refugee camp community witnessed a positive transformation of their space, from one that was utilitarian and impersonal to an expression and celebration of their culture.  Importantly, the project worked with marginalized youth, raising their status and making them the agents of change in their community.”

-Audrey Crawford, Camp Manager, Danish Refugee Council

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