Laurie Reyman

Colors of Connection Co-Founder

Laurie spent her childhood in Zimbabwe which formed her identity as a third culture kid, imbued in her a deep love of the African continent and its people, and ignited a passion for humanitarian work. She received a BA in International Studies with a focus on Africa in 2006 and was awarded her Masters in Social Work from the University of Georgia in May 2009, where her focus was on community practice and non-profit management.

While working with the Carter Center managing Liberia’s southeast Access to Justice programs, she co-founded Colors of Connection with Christina in 2010.

From the inception of Colors of Connection’s pilot project in 2010 until she left her position as Organizational Development Director in 2021, Laurie led visioning and strategic planning for the organization, co-created CC’s program model and heavily contributed to program development. She developed essential foundations for the orga­nization, developing CC from a start-up into a full-fledged organization that is better positioned to provide empowering programming and sustain the organization’s work.

She is currently based in Seattle, WA with her family and continues to serve on CC’s Board of Directors.

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