Laura Hoffman

Creative and Communications Consultant

Laura Hoffman is a creative and communications consultant providing support to individuals and organizations. She is an expressive arts therapist, writer, movement artist, director, producer, and entrepreneur having helped several small businesses related to the arts and design. She helped found one of the earliest HMO acute care outpatient programs with an integrative approach; was a member of the Athens Cultural Affairs Commission from 2014-2020, was a Development Officer for the University of Florida, and Director of Development and Events for Slamdance Film Festival; she is a documentary and commercial film and video producer and owned a movement and performance space as well as co-owned a small design business.  

She has a Bachelor’s degree with a double major in Cultural History and Dance; was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in 1982. She has a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology/Dance Movement Therapy and a second Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. She currently lives outside Los Angeles, CA where she has her consultancy focusing on creative development and business and continues her various movement practices in Alexander Technique, yoga, dance, pickleball, and writing.