Implementation Partners

Colors of Connection brings a unique and important set of value-added services to its partnerships that are greatly needed by any organization working in conflict-affected parts of the world. CC seeks and manages partnerships with foundations, intergovernmental organizations or agencies (IGOs), international NGOs (INGOs), corporate partners, and local organizations such as community-based organizations (CBOs).


By partnering with CC, organizations acquire the ability to expect outcomes in their beneficiary populations such as increased levels of solidarity, representation, equality, social capital & competence, healing, and self-efficacy. These outcomes are critical factors in meeting the psychosocial needs of populations affected by violence, war, displacement, conflict and the many other caustic environments in which people find themselves around the world today, and create internal resources within a population that promote sustainable development.


Recognizing that the quality of CC’s work will be greatly affected by its partnership selection process, we carefully implement the following steps in order to identify, qualify, implement, and assess our partnerships. These steps are customized to the partner.


We offer collaborative and innovative partnerships, providing custom-designed programs which are effective in meeting the needs of the target population because they are designed together with the community members.

CC has developed a process through which art brings people together, so that together local strategies can be uncovered and brought to the surface, and local people and their ways of addressing the conflicts that beset their lives and communities can be strengthened, promoted and extended (capacity) through relationships with CC and our partners.  


“Colors of Connection is doing important work with adolescent girls and young women in conflict-affected communities, such as in the DRC, by providing safe spaces and supportive environments in which young women can build self-confidence and leadership skills as well as expand peer networks by developing their own artistic skills and collaborating with other young women on a community-based art project of their own making and design.”

Elizabeth Graybill
Former Women’s Protection and Empowerment Program Staff
International Rescue Committee – DRC
Partner for the Courage in Congo Project, 2015/16

“The work that CC is doing is greatly needed in situations where people are affected by conflict and the physical and psychological hardships it causes. Bringing conflict-affected youth together through art can have a very positive and transformative effect, and CC has proven this through its work.”  

John M. Steed,
Former Head of Mission
IEDA-Relief, Burkina Faso,
Partner for the Energizing a Refugee Community Through Art Project, 2013/14


We align our activities with the larger guiding framework of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and seek to add value to the sectors in which we work. As an organization that works specifically in low-income conflict-affected countries, we aim to play our role in helping achieve the United Nations’ SDG 2030 agenda.

If you’d like to discuss how partnership with Colors of Connection could add value to your organization’s work, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 2 business days.