Colors of Connection in the News

Christina Mallie Interview


“Christina Mallie interviewed by our hero and mentor Kathy Eldon at the Dan Eldon Center.”



“Courage in Congo: A psychosocial arts based program for girls at risk or survivors of sexual and gender-based violence”

Philanthropy New York


“How Funders Can Use the Power of Art to Heal in Post-Conflict Settings”

Beyond the Walls: The Film


“All over the world, people from different cultures instinctively go to the walls, painting their stories as a way to give voice to their life.”

I am Colors of Connection


“We came to realize that places as isolated and underdeveloped as Harper need creative energy almost as much as anything else and that…”

United Nations Mission in Liberia Radio Interview


“When people see development going on, it gives them ideas. It gives them hope.”

Multidisciplinary Gallery Show to Benefit Arts and Culture Revitalization in Liberia


“A two day affair at the Lower East Side Gallery Culturefix.” A Gathering of the Tribes

Little Wleblo Refugee Camp Project

“This project worked to contribute to a more vibrant civil society, sense of place, culture, and self-representation for residents.”

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