Purpose of Coloring Change  

In the spirit of girls empowerment through art, Colors of Connection is launching an art submission contest
that will support our girls program in Goma, DR Congo. By participating in Coloring Change, you are contributing
to the creation of a culture of powerful women and girls. Your support goes towards our current Girl Awakening program.

How to participate:

To enter the contest, create your own vision inspired by one of the contest prompts.
Submit to us for a small donation to support girl participants in Goma. The contest runs April 21 – May 21!

What is the Girl Awakening program?

Colors of Connection is supporting 80 girls in developing critical strengths and capabilities to be resilient leaders in their communities.

The Girl Awakening program is a community-led approach based in the creative arts. In our program, girls learn essential life skill sets

to thrive in their communities and cope with trauma. In addition, they are elevated as leaders as  they advocate

for a collective vision of a more equitable future through public art.

How does this work?

1. Arts and Life Skills Program

Girls build social capital, resilience and skills through
bi-weekly year-round sessions.  

Protecting girls from violence, poverty and marginalization.

2. Public Art Engagement

 Girls gather community input and create public
murals and posters centered on gender equality issues.

Promoting positive social norms and enabling girls to connect
in more meaningful and empowered ways with their communities.

3. Mentorship Component

Engages older girls in the community with a sufficient education
level to be mentors to support  program participants and
pays them a monthly stipend. 

Creating incentives for the community to invest in girls’ education. 

4. Scholarship 

Supports girls in their short term and long term goals by offering scholarships to pursue their primary and secondary education. 

Ensuring girls complete basic education, creating a solid foundation for their futures.

Our Impact

“I was motivated to work on the
[Colors of Connection] projects,
because I wanted to accompany our
daughters of Goma, helping them to be like other women, awake and
reflecting on their future.”

Feza Balanga, staff of our local partner Les Étoiles Messagères: A Girls Arts Collective 

To learn more:

Follow our blog for program updates  

Read more about the program here