Dr. Anita Babonangenda

Operations Director

Anita is a specialist in health and community protection, working with adolescent girls and women to prevent and respond to violence. With Colors of Connection she runs the daily operations of the Girl Awakening Program in Goma, DRC working in partnership with Étoiles Messagères.

She has previously served as a supervisor for women’s protection and empowerment services with the International Rescue Committee, as a doctor focused on GBV response, and has implemented multiple campaigns promoting women’s rights. She completed her doctoral studies at the University of Goma.

Anita is passionate about working with community to identify safe spaces and environments that are supportive of girls, where they can develop their confidence, leadership skills, and share their experiences in order to fight against gender inequality and make decisions about their futures. She believes that to fight violence against women and girls it is important to collaborate with all groups in society, including men and boys.

She believes that if we provide girls and women with opportunities and skillsets, they can accomplish anything they set their mind to. They just need the opportunity to try.