Introducing the Colors of Connection Artivist Circle!

We are incredibly excited to launch a new group for Colors of Connection supporters called The Artivist Circle!

This group is for those of us who are passionate about engaging art for social change.

As a member of the Colors of Connection (CC) Artivist Circle you will enjoy:

  1. Being part of a community of like-minded people passionate about using the power of art to bring change to conflict-affected youth and their communities around the world.
  2. Providing invaluable support to Colors of Connection’s work.
  3. Receiving an exclusive annual progress report on the impact of your support.
  4. An exclusive Artivist tote bag created by artist and muralist Magda Love that is only available to members of the CC Artivist Circle!
  5. CC’s Culture and Artist Showcase: Carefully curated visual, musical, dance and other artists from regions where CC works, as well as other cultural treasures such as recipes and local words.
  6. Our exclusive Artivist Circle newsletter with updates and global artivist trends.
  7. Exclusive discounts and access to CC merchandise and partnership deals (coming in 2019).
  8. Discounted registration rates for our fundraisers and events.

You can join by giving US$25+ a month, $84+ quarterly or $360+ annually.

Your ongoing support over the course of a year will sponsor two teen artivists’ participation in a project so that they can find healing and reconnection after conflict.  

Become a Colors of Connection Artivist Today!

Our exclusive tote bag designed by artist and muralist Magda Love just for you!

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