Colors of Connection is getting ready for our next project with adolescent girls in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo!

We are dedicated to engaging with conflict-affected populations through the arts, and our next project is based in Goma, DRC, an area affected by decades of conflict and instability.  Called the Tunaweza Portraits Project, it will build off of our previous work (more details here) with adolescent girls and the community in Goma, DRC.  Tunaweza means “we are able” in Swahili and it takes its inspiration from the capacity of communities and youth to make change for themselves. This arts-based project is designed to address the gender dynamics and socio-cultural practices that contribute to sexual violence in Eastern Congo.

While there are many organizations working on the ground to assist survivors of sexual violence in Eastern Congo, there is little focus given to shifting the harmful socio-cultural perceptions of women and girls that contribute to sexual violence.  There are also limited opportunities for women and girls on a community level to engage with and give voice to this issue.  To address this gap, Tunaweza Portraits Project will focus on the civilian character of sexual violence and will engage with issues of representation of women and girls in relation to SGBV prevention in local advocacy, community sensitization and media exposure.  

Adolescent girls will be engaged city-wide community arts based project as participant leaders, culminating in the creation of 32 posters and murals that promote the capacity and strength of women and girls. Our focus will be to give the girls a chance to represent themselves as they wish to be seen through posters and collaborative murals, helping them become agents of change in their communities and most importantly to be seen differently by their communities, families, friends, and even the international public.

As we get ready for this project, join us in the conversation about girls’ rights in the DRC using #PaintLikeAGirl, and #Tunaweza, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn or read more about the project on our

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