What’s been happening with Colors of Connection in 2017?

You may ask. We have been a bit quiet, it’s true. Things
have been moving a tad slowly over the last year in terms of implementing
projects because Christina’s been busy working on a Masters Degree in
International Affairs at the New School in New York City, and Laurie has been focused on being a mom to her baby girl, as well as busy with a move around the world to
Indonesia with her family over the spring.

Although we weren’t able to implement any projects over the
last year, we have been busy behind the scenes! Some accomplishments of 2017
for Colors of Connection are:

1. We became a 501c3 registered non-profit in February 2017.
This was a big step for us because up until then we were using a fiscal sponsor
to receive our donations. Being registered as a 501c3 opens us up to different
and larger grants.

2. We created a stellar 3-year strategic plan! Putting this
document together was a process of critical reflection on what we’ve done so
far, and making thoughtful and careful decisions about what we want to do next.
Our strategic plan will guide us through 2020 as we seek to grow and
develop as an organization and implement more projects.

3. We grew our Board of Directors. Having a dedicated and
diverse Board of Directors is important to us, and while we have a way to go in
terms of building our board, we were able to add two new members whose passions
and expertise contribute greatly to the work of Colors of Connection.

4. We were able to secure our first organizational
development funding! This funding will enable us to put our carefully laid out
strategic plan into action, implementing 5 projects over the next 3 years and
growing our organization’s capacity.

For Colors of Connection, 2017 has been a time of reflection
and planning, and for both Christina and Laurie it has been a time of personal
growth, which will allow us to contribute to the work of Colors of Connection
in new and meaningful ways.

2018 will be a busy and exciting time for us, and we
couldn’t be more ready for the work and challenges that lie ahead!

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