Aminatou: I am a Malian Touareg Refugee girl in Burkina Faso and I am single.  I am 17 years old and was born in Burkina Faso during the last time that we were refugees here.  I live with my parents without difficulty.  I went to school starting in 2002 and I abandoned it in 2013.  I would like to have the chance to have a rich husband, like most of the women want.  Currently I am in a training in art, drawing and painting with Christina Mallie, a teacher and also the director of the project of Colors of Connection (Energizing a Refugee Community Through Art) and I am very pleased with the project.

Christina’s observations:  Aminatou is the daughter of the chief of the camp site Mentao Sud Sud, while he is in his late 80’s, his wife is much younger.  She is a determined student, has a diligent attitude towards the activities and she’s not too shy.  Her cousin is an assistant to the project (see picture of her and her cousin Bajeck) and I think this probably makes her feel even more comfortable with being in the class which I am glad for because I often worry that the girls won’t feel comfortable in the classroom environment.

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