Notes from the field: Tayate is one of the most outspoken and unruly kids in the group – boys included!  I am still amazed by how much of a racket she makes during my class, I would have thought that that kind of behavior wouldn’t be tolerated in her community.  I’m glad she’s loud and boisterous, even though she’s a huge disturbance.  She is one of those kids who changes energy of the room once she enters it.  It’s refreshing to be around a teenage girl who has a huge attitude and who isn’t shy to display it.  We often battle over her using her cell phone during the class, and sometimes when I take it from her, she finds out where I’ve put it and steals it back without me knowing.  She’s also a talented artist and I think she genuinely enjoys learning more about art and having a chance to draw.

Here’s her introduction to you in her own words: 

“My name is Tayate.  I am 16 years old.  I was born in Gossi, in the region of Timbuktu in Mali.  I now live in Mentao Refugee Camp with my grandmother.  I have completed my education as far as the 4th grade.  I am also currently in a project called Energizing a Refugee Community Through Art by Christina Mallie to learn art (drawing and painting).  I also help my grandmother cook.  In the future I would like to become a teacher.”

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