Notes from the field: Introducing Mossa, video assistant in his own words: I am from Northern Mali (Azawad) and grew up in Kidal and Gao where I  completed my primary and secondary school studies.  I studied at the university in Bamako in the Faculty of Political Science and Law where because of civil unrest I left.  I had attended a meeting for the MNA (Mouvement National de L’Azawad) at the university when the police entered and using violence broke up our meeting, afterwards imprisoning two of my friends.  I saw the marginalization, racism and authoritarian actions of the Malian police and I prepared my suitcase to return to Kidal.  After I had the chance to study human rights for 6 months in Algeria at the University of Bejai.  This year I am with a part of my family in a refugee camp in Burkina Faso where I met Christina Mall and became her video assistant for the project.  This has given me the opportunity to learn more about art.  

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