Notes from the field:  Introducing our team in Mentao Refugee Camp:  This is Mohamed one of two artist assistants who I am working with and training in arts techniques and community public arts.  I asked him to write a short introduction and here it is! – Christina

Mohamed:  Artist Assistant

I am age 20 and was born in Burkina Faso, during the conflict in 1993 which precipitated a refugee crisis much like the one we are experiencing now.  Though I was born in Burkina Faso, I am Malian.  I received my Certificate of Primary studies upon completing primary school and a Diploma of Fundamental Study upon completing junior high. I began my studies in high school focused on human sciences in Gossi Mali, but because of the recent events in Mali I was not able to continue my studies.  Here in Djibo Burkina Faso these same courses don’t exist here so I am not in school.  I like art, football, debates and lectures.   

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