The 30 out of school youth who I meet with 2-3 times a week in groups of 15 has been a smooth program so far. These youth have nothing else to do but show up, or work for their parents so they are open to participating in the project and there isn’t much else that is competing for their attention. I have two great assistants –19 year old Ivorians who are always together and both artists. They are very capable of helping to instruct and light hearted as well as forceful with the students in getting the main points accross and organizing “les enfants”. I also have a translator which is an added step in the whole process of teaching – it’s like losing the power of speech, I always have to think before I speak and find him before I can say anything. We use a large tent inside a fenced area of what has been designated a “Child Friendly Space.” Right now we are the only program active there.

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