Finishing the Culture Mural. Edward Baker, Age 20. Edward is talented artistically and came from the Ivory Coast recently as a returnee to escape the recent Ivorian crisis. He hasn’t been in school since 2003, when he left Liberia during the civil war. He supports himself through doing women’s nails and temporary tattoos.  . He approached me when I was working on the Market mural two months ago and has been a dedicated part of the team since that time. When I heard he was finally going back to school to enroll in 6th grade I was so happy to hear the news. After a few weeks passed I asked him whether he had registered, and he said he hadn’t because the schools that charged lower fees were not accepting new students. As part of his graduation present, I gave him the mere $20 he needed in addition to the $20 he had to enroll.  The patience people have here astounds me.  That he would wait another year after waiting 8 years to enroll in 6th grade is too much to bear in my mind.  So, Edward is finally going back to school.  

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